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WELCOME TO Shree Brahmaji Mandir
  • The world’s only historical temple 1350 years old where lord Brahma,lord Vishnu,lord Shiv,Godess gayatri and lord son god exist all together.
  • The temple consist of three energies known as God – G for generator,O for operator and D for destroyer.
  • The temple is enriched with all kind of superpowers.
  • The lord brahma temple will introduce you to the energy which you cannot feel but reside inside your itself.
  • The temple is reconstructed to give peace and love to all the living and non-living beings of the universe.
  • When u visit this temple your life will be full of love,happiness,health,peace and prosperity.Also you will get solutions to all your problems and pains.
  • If u have any wish or desire to complete your wish you must take the name of brahma and work hard over it.If it is fulfilled ,Relaxed your self and visit the temple and take the blessings energy of brahma.
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