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About The Temple

Today, the number of Brahma temples that exist in the world can be counted on the tip of your fingers as there are very few of them, and this temple is one of them. Shree Brahmaji Mandir is a historic Hindu temple that has been mentioned in the ancient history literature of the Hathal village in Rajasthan. It is situated on the foot of Mt.Abu and only an hour away from Abu Road station.

Years back, many German archeologists and archeologists worldwide visited the village to study the remains of the temple destroyed during the mogul invasions. People from the town and surrounding villages had no idea what kind of valuable monument had existed there before. But the younger generation back then started to realize the importance of this place and decided to reconstruct this temple. Many youngsters from the village and the neighboring five villages joined hands to establish Shree Brahmaji Mandir Jinodhar Samiti, a non-profit organization. On 27 November 1995, the reconstruction work of this temple began. Due to the generous donations from the people and tremendous hard work of the organization, this beautiful magnanimous temple was rebuilt. The few remains of the older temple are still preserved safely. One of the historical documents states that this temple was constructed in 1231. The central temple initiation was done in the Vikram Samvat 798 years (Vikram samvat is the traditional calendar, as used in India, uses lunar months and solar sidereal years.)

After the reconstruction and the concretion of the reconstructed temple on 20 May 2010, this temple was open for visitors. This temple is the world’s second-largest Brahma temple. It is shaped like a lotus flower and is 51 feet tall. In addition, 30,000 sq. ft of the garden is constructed within the temple premises along with a Dharmshala for devotees who would like to rest and stay in the temple premises.

Our Mission

To provide individuals from any background the resources to awaken thier true potential and connect them with the higher superior self called Brahma. Also, helping them create a positve, healthy mindset to build a better future for them and the society.

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Our Vision

Our Vision

To create a sacred place for the inner transformation of individuals through spiritual practices (like mediation camps), and service to society (like education aid, healing camp), resulting in a happy and peaceful world around them.

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